Faith Promise Committment
May 01, 2014

Praise the Lord for our 2014-2015 commitment to give $60,008.00 to spread the Gospel of Christ.

I am really excited about our Mission Conference. Each missionary was faithful to present their field and Bro. Rick Stucke encouraged us all “to be involved”. I truly enjoyed the Spirit-filled messages and the fellowship at the International Banquet. Our hearts were both stirred and challenged thru this years theme "--And how shall they preach, except they be sent!" Romans 10:15.  Due to our efforts many in the world will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ.  In the last 20 years BBC has given over $1,260,000 to World Missions through the Faith Promise Plan.  Faith Promise given for 2013-2014 = $56,845.00. My continuous prayer for our missions giving is - Precious Lord Jesus help us to reach out to a lost and dying world!  

                                       Looking at our Faith Mission’s Commitment!

      As we look at Faith Promise Mission Giving - remember what it is not!  
 1. It is not a pledge!  You sign NOTHING!  No one but God knows what you promised.  2. It is not something that someone will call on you to collect.      3.  It is not ever to be taken away from your tithes & offerings.

       What is the Faith Promise - 1. It is strictly between you & God.    2. It is waiting before the Lord for His instructions as to what He wants you to give in reaching the world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.
3.  It must be carried on by faith that as you give out of that which you already possess, God will met all needs.

       What is the Aim of the Faith Promise Plan- 1. Its aim is to never glorify individuals or organizations - Only Jesus Christ!   2. Its sole purpose is to support the work of Missions which is commanded by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ -  Mk 16:15   3. It is designed to bring us into a closer and completely dependent attitude upon God and a more blessed fellowship with Him.

        How the Faith Promise Plan Is Carried Out - 1. On the last day of our Missions Conference you will be asked to indicate, on a special card provided, what amount you will give weekly for the next year.  You do this without putting your name on it.  2. The money given through Faith Promise Missions will be recorded and the amount kept separately.  3.  The amount promised will dictate our mission’s involvement for each upcoming year!    

Friends, our commitments and actions regarding Faith Promise Giving is yet another expression of our obedience to Christ’s word. As you complete your weekly Faith Promise commitment that God placed on your heart, please remember to actively pray for our new Missions Year!    God Bless -- Pastor Stucke                                


What is Biblical Missions?
April 30, 2014


Folks, our Bible mandate for missions can be found in Acts 14:21-23.
    Here is God’s five step plan for Biblical Missions:

1.  Preach the Gospel
     2.  Discipline the new converts into a local church  
3.  Confirm the souls of believers by exhorting them.    4.  Ordain pastors  5.  Commend the work to God.  

     I further submit that it is impossible to evangelize and disciple converts adequately without the healthy functioning of a local church. This is why I encourage each believer to be involved in world missions by making three basic faith comments:

1.  Faith Purpose – Pray for world evangelism. 
     2.  Faith Project – Get involved in a mission’s task.
           3.  Faith Promise – Give each week toward the world-wide missions ministry of this local church. 
 As we continue to serve together, thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Remembering the Resurrection
April 20, 2014

   This month we remember the Resurrection of our precious Saviour.

   The simplest meaning of Easter is that we are living in a world in which GOD has the last word.  On the Wednesday night before Easter morning, it appeared as if evil had triumphed.  The holiest One who had ever lived was dead and in His tomb -- crucified by the order of a tyrant without either scruples or regrets.  Jesus, who had raised the highest hopes among men had died by the most shameful means.  A jearing mob who only a week before had praised him, a cross, two nails, and a quick thrust of a spear ended it all.  Those hours when His voice was stilled and His hands were quiet were the blackest days in the history of the world.

   If Caesar could put an end to Jesus, then no man culd ever dare to hope again -- the very word would become one of mockery.

   Then came Easter morning and the glorious words: "He is Risen!"  Evil's triumph was crushed.

   Since that hour, no man whose heart was pure with belief in Jesus ever had a reason to fear or despair!  Christ, our Saviour, fulfilled prophecy and His promises -- He has risen and ransomed us from the grip of Satan!

Two quotes to think on!

I know that my Redeemer lives! What joy the blest assurance gives! He lives, he lives, who once was dead; He lives, my everlasting Head! - Samuel Medley

The same power that brought Christ back from the dead is operative within those who are Christ's. The resurrection is an ongoing thing. -Leon Morris